Bateria Rio Projekt - Brazilian Drummers


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Experience the epic sound of Rio Carnaval right here in Australia with the Rio Projekt Bateria (Brazilian drummers). The sound they create is phenomenal, the energy they transmit is contagious and the feeling they evoke in you is simply inexplicable. 


The Rio Projekt bateria will make your heart race. They will give you goosebumps. If you have been to Brazil, they may bring tears to your eyes because you will feel as if you are back there – in the middle of that incomparable and amazing carnaval feeling. If you haven’t been to Brazil, the Rio Projekt Bateria is your ticket to experiencing that sound and that feeling at your event.


Second to none, our Brazilian drummers are highly accomplished musicians who have performed in Bahia, Sao Paulo and Rio Carnaval and alongside Brazil’s most famous artists.

Perfect For:

  • Corporate entertainment

  • Greeting Guests on arrival at events

  • Wedding Entertainment

  • Bridal Entrances

  • Festivals

  • Outdoor Events

  • Street Parades

  • Sporting events

  • Team Building and Workshops

  • Expos and Exhibitions

  • Brand Activations

  • Campaigns and Advertising

  • Private Functions

  • Hens Parties

  • Nightlife events