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Official Samba dancers from Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. The only Brazilian Dance Company in Australia featuring an ensemble of official Passistas (professional Brazilian dancers) from the top division of Rio Carnaval.


Passista (Brazilian dancer) positions are highly coveted in Rio and are secured by a strict selection process, requiring the highest level of Samba dance performance, skill and commitment.


Rio Projekt takes pride in bringing this elite level of performance to our Brazilian shows in Australia.


Acclaimed Brazilian musicians and performing artists. Rio Projekt’s Brazilian musicians are each highly accomplished and respected artists in their own right and are some of the leaders of the field in Australia.


Our Brazilian drummers and musicians have performed in Bahia carnaval and alongside a host of famous Brazilian artists and bands.


Rio Projekt’s director and choreographer Sashya Jay is the most recognised Brazilian dance choreographer, creative director and performer in Australia. 


Sashya is currently the only Samba dance instructor in Australia officially endorsed by Carlinhos Salgueiro (Rio’s King of Samba) to represent his signature technique.


Exclusive designer costume wardrobe. Rio Projekt’s costume wardrobe is undoubtedly the top of the line and fit for the catwalks of high fashion runway shows and the “avenida” of Rio carnaval. 


The wardrobe is exclusive to Rio Projekt shows and features Samba Costumes from Rio carnaval designers and exquisite couture pieces from high fashion labels including:

  • Camilla With Love

  • Atelier Mina de Oro

  • Lu Santos

  • Limonges.

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Performing and training in Brazil annually. Brazilian Dancers Sydney who spend significant time in Rio annually performing and training with the best of the best in order to ensure that our performances are aligned with the latest style of Brazilian entertainment.


Our Brazilian drummers and Brazilian musicians also travel to Brazil regularly to stay updated with the cutting edge music and latest Brazilian show repertoire.

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