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Influential, Innovative and Progressive


Rio Projekt has redefined Brazilian entertainment across Australia and beyond through its relentless pursuit of cultural integrity, grassroots education and artistic expression.

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We represent the pinnacle of Brazilian artistry, unsurpassed in performance quality and attention to detail through the steadfast vision of our Founding Director Sashya Jay de Brito, and the exceptional combined experience of our ensemble.  


Rio Projekt is the culmination of Sashya Jay De Brito’s life’s work in the Music & Entertainment industry both nationally and internationally.


From spectacular stage productions, event entertainment, and brand campaigns to tour managing some of the world’s highest-profile artists, Sashya's experience allows Rio Projekt to deliver Brazilian artistry straight from the source.

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Each performance, appearance and experience is expertly crafted and curated, featuring magnificent costumes by boutique and international designers.

Featuring custom designed haute couture pieces, the costumes are handcrafted with premium materials and grandiose feathers, many of which are bespoke dyed to offer a unique look that cannot be achieved elsewhere.


Every choreography and costume collection is inspired by our ensemble’s extensive work in Brazil and the Brazilian entertainment industry over the last 15 years, including an intense period of retraining that transformed the entire Brazilian Arts industry.



Rio Projekt is officially endorsed by Brazil’s Grand Master of Samba, Carlinhos Salgueiro. One of Rio Carnaval’s biggest names and a global Brazilian dance celebrity, Carlinhos Salgueiro is a multi-award winning Artistic Director, Choreographer and Carnaval luminary.

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