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Grand Master Carlinhos Salgueiro is a global Brazilian dance celebrity and renowned worldwide as the “King of Samba”.  One of Brazil’s most revered and awarded Artistic Directors and Choreographers Carlinhos is amongst the elite Rio Carnaval greats. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Carlinhos is a true visionary who is famous for his trailblazing work, revolutionising the art of Samba no pé in Brazil and internationally.


Carlinhos is the director and choreographer for Rio Carnaval’s number one Passista ala and the Maculele ala at the highly acclaimed Academicos do Salgueiro (Samba school) in Rio de Janeiro. He is also the choreographer for the most prestigious Samba competition in Brazil, the Rainha do Carnaval, where the Queen of Rio Carnaval is chosen each year.


The most sought-after Brazilian dance master instructor in the world, Carlinhos has performed and taught workshops in more than 32 countries (from Europe to Australia to the USA). As the founder and creator of the famous “Samba Diva” technique, Carlinhos’ revolutionised the art of Samba no pé and his signature method is now utlised by the world’s leading Samba instructors.


In Brazil, Carlinhos trains the best of the best Passistas, Musas and Rainhas (Queens) and runs the most popular Samba classes, “Projeto Samba no pé” at Salgueiro. In addition to his steadfast work as a director and choreographer, Carlinhos performs at an elite level in Rio Carnaval every year and is simply breathtaking to watch on the Avenida.



  • Multiple prestigious “Estandante De Ouro” (Gold) awards for Director of the Best Passista ala in

  • Carnaval for the Passistas of Salgueiro. 

  • Prestigious “Estandante De Ouro” (Gold) award for the Best Passista in Rio Carnaval 

  • Eight times “Gato de Prata” Award Winner as Carnaval Personality, Director of Passistas and

  • Comissao de Frete Choreographer for the “Mirim” (children)’s ala, 

  • The SambaNet and Jorge Lafond Award award for Personality in Samba 

  • The Machine award for Best Director

  • Title of Ambassador of Samba International in Germany

  • King of Folia in Carnaval through London School of Samba 2014

  • King of Samba in Australia 2016

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