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Ariane Souza


Ariane Souza is a professional singer, dancer and actress. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Ariane’s passion and talent for the arts has been coursing through her veins since childhood. 


She started learning Ballet at the age of 8 and martial arts at the age of 9 at her parents’ academy, participating in several championships in Brazil and the USA. She studied at the Academy Dance Art in Sao Paulo training in Jazz, Hip Hop, Commercial and Latin partner dances and went on to perform with the urban dance company Puktion. Her dedication to communication led her to study and graduate university with a degree in journalism. 


Ariane moved to Australia to further her career as a versatile artist and explore diverse artistic avenues in music, dance and theatre.  She has studied at the Australian College of Dance, had vocal coaching with Jazz singers including Pat Powell and Carlinhos Pessoa and currently participates in workshops at the Sydney Actors School. 


Ariane has been performing as a professional singer and dancer at various events and venues across Sydney as well as in theatre plays. Her diversity and vocal prowess in both English and Portuguese is highly sought after in the performing arts community. 


Passionate about drawing inspiration from many cultures and bringing her Brazilian roots to the stage, Ariane is a dynamic and multi-talented artist in the Rio Projekt ensemble.

Ariane Souza
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