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Elcio Queiroz


Elcio Queiroz is a professional percussionist and percussion director from Sao Paulo, Brazil with extensive experience in Carnaval bateria.  He has been working and performing in Carnaval in Sao Paulo since 2011, starting his trajectory with the Filhos da Santa drumming school (formerly Bloco Carnavalesco). The school went on to become the Champion school in its division of Carnaval (Access Group 3 of UESP). It was also at this school that Elcio was recognised for his prowess and went on to become the Tambourine director.

Throughout his career in Sao Paulo Elcio played percussion in a host of well known Samba schools in Carnaval including Unidos do Peruche, Morro da Casa Verde, Gaviões da Fiel, Imperador do Ipiranga, Estrela do Terceira Milênio and more. He has also taught several percussion workshops focusing on the bateria instruments of the Samba schools.

Now based in Australia, Elcio is a dymamic, multi-talented and invaluable member of the Rio Projekt ensemble. He brings his unrivalled skills, passion and expertise to the Rio Projekt band, bateria and The Carnaval Experience stage show.

Elcio Queiroz
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