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Felipe Faria

Mestre de Bateria / Musician

Felipe Faria is a professional Brazilian musician specialising in Samba and carnaval bateria (percussion). He is the mestre de Bateria for Rio Projekt and co-director of the band Samba Roots.

Born and raised in the world of Samba, Felipe’s love for Brazilian music began when he was a child and his passion for Samba in particular was strong. From a young age he was influenced and inspired by his father who was a ritmista (percussionist) for the Samba school Nene de Vila Matilde in Sao Paulo, Brazil where Felipe is from.

Felipe’s dedication to Samba led him to study and perform as an official ritmista in the bateria (drum section) of the Escolas de Samba (Samba schools). He has invaluable experience performing and parading in the Bateria with various Samba schools in Sao Paulo Carnaval.

Since moving to Australia in 2012, Felipe has been performing as a professional Brazilian musician in Sydney with various bands and Brazilian show groups where he developed his skills and repertoire even further.

Felipe also launched his own band Samba Roots which has become one of the most authentic and sought after Brazilian bands in the industry.

Felipe’s work with Rio Projekt is a culmination of his extensive experience in Brazilian Samba percussion. He is dedicated to the evolution of the art form and artistic integrity and he is passionate about developing and showcasing this Rio style Bateria in Australia and internationally.

Felipe Faria
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