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Fernanda Rockert


Fernanda Rockert is a professional dancer who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. She grew up in the culture of Samba, frequenting the Viradouro Samba School with her family and participating in the school ensaios (street rehearsals for Carnaval) throughout her life before moving overseas in 2011.  

Whilst growing up in Rio, Fernanda performed as a dancer on various Brazilian television soap operas and movies. She is classically trained and accredited by the Rio de Janeiro Dance Union as a professional tap dancer and also studied at the School of the Bolshoi Theatre in Brazil. She participated in multiple classical Ballet repertoires and national competitions for musical theatre and Ballet in Rio. 

Before moving to Sydney in 2015, Fernanda lived in New Zealand for 4 years where she performed as a professional dancer and model. Now based in Sydney, she has been performing at various events such as The Carnaval Experience (Rio Projekt’s stage production), The Sydney Latin Festival, Parramasala, the Day With Keune runway hair show and the Sydney Mardi Gras with Sydney Dance Company dancers. 

Fernanda returns to Brazil annually to parade in Rio Carnaval, train in Samba and spend time with her family.  She is an official Passista of the renowned Samba schools Viradoura (Rio Carnaval champion 2020) and Porto da Pedra. 

In addition to being a dedicated dancer Fernanda is software engineer by day. She is an animal lover and passionate about all things related to environmental awareness.

Fernanda Rockert
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