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Gustavo Tukada


Born and raised in a traditional area of São Paulo called Mooca, Gustavo is a professional percussionist who has performed in the top league of Sao Paulo carnaval.


Growing up in a neighbourhood which was the home of two very traditional Samba schools, Gustavo’s passion for Samba and percussion began in 2008 whilst attending football games and watching the Bateria from the Samba schools play.  

He immediately started learning percussion at his local Samba school, Mocidade Unida da Mooca where he trained extensively, learning all the instruments and becoming a true “ritmista” (percussionist).  


He first paraded with Mocidade Unida Mooca in 2010 playing caixa and went on to play for Tudapé Academics in Carnaval also appearing on television (TV band) in 2011. In 2012 Gustavo made is debut in the top division of Sao Paulo carnaval appearing on national TV (Globo) playing in the Bateria with the Dragões da Real Samba school. 


In addition to playing percussion at an elite level in Carnaval, Gustavo played in one of the oldest and most traditional blocos (percussion groups) in Sao Paulo called Caprichosos do Piqueri. He also performed professionally at events, soccer stadiums and venues in Sao Paulo.


Well versed in all the Bateria instruments, Gustavo’s is a versatile and dynamic member of the Rio Projekt Bateria.

Gustavo Tukada
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