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Jenny Salles

Vocalist / Dancer

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Jennifer Salles (Jenny) is a multi-skilled vocalist, songwriter and dancer. From pop and rap to Samba, Jenny’s diverse vocal talents never cease to blow audiences away. The definition of Brazilian diva, Jenny owns any stage with her commanding presence and raw energy.

Whilst in Rio, Jenny was part of the rap group called Naif where she wrote and recorded original material including her first single. She was also a dancer for the Beyonce cover group in Rio “Bee Flawless”.  She participated in several music and dance contests and performances from a young age and her natural talent has shone bright ever since.

A dedicated professional artist of many years, Jenny came to Australia to further her artistic career and share her culture with us. In addition to performing as a vocalist and dancer, Jenny is also a Brazilian dance instructor at Escola de Samba Internacional. 

Jenny Salles
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