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Jonathan Oliveria


Jonathan Oliveria is a dancer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Raised in humble upbringings in the interior in Indaiatuba, dance is simply a way of life for this bright young star.


Jonathan’s raw talent and passionate expression is testament to the power of dance to overcome hardship. Having lived through difficult times in Brazil, dance was Jonthan’s saviour and the passion he has for the art form and his determination to rise above struggle simply beams through all his performances.


Whilst in Sao Paulo, Jonathan performed with an Axe group and also a Funk group called MC Favela. Jonathan also developed a deep passion for the art of Samba and the “malandro” male Passista style which he now performs.


As a key member of Rio Projekt, Jonathan brings an invaluable raw street style and a bucketload of umatched vibe and soulful energy to all his work.

Jonathan Oliveria
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