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Michelly Moreira


Michelly Moreira is Brazilian dancer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Surrounded by music, dance and carnaval culture since birth, Michelly is a natural talent with a passion for representing her culture with integrity and authenticity. An invaluable member of the Rio Projekt ensemble, Michelly embodies the Brazilian diva vibe and exudes the spirit of Brazil and love for what she does in all her performances.


Whilst in Sao Paulo, Michelly used to participate in the ensaios for Vai Vai and Nene da Vila Matilde Samba Schools. Her uncles were ritmistas in the bateria (drumming section) and she was always with her family dancing. She took classes in various Brazilian dance styles including Axé and Fitdance as well as participating in local competitions.


Since moving to Australia in 2012, Michelly has been performing as a professional dancer consistently specialising in Brazilian Samba, Funk Fitdance style.  She has performed at a host of significant functions including the official events for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and Rio Olympics 2016 as well as major corporate events, weddings and most of the Brazilian parties and festivals in Sydney. 


Prior to Rio Projekt, Michelly ran her own show group called Balaco Brazil performing authentic Brazilian Funk and Fitdance style and she often teaches these styles for Escola de Samba Internacional.

Michelly Moreira
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