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Nandara Nerys


Nandara Nerys Vieira is a child of dance, born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil of Afro Brazilian and Indigenous heritage. She is a classically trained dancer and mesmerising performing artist with the soul and unmistakeable spark of her culture running through her blood and her performances.


She began dancing at the age of 5 studying Ballet and also Belly dance for 8 years as well as Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical. For 3 consecutive years she trained with the Cuban National Ballet in their intensive Cuban Ballet courses. She performed as a professional dancer in Brazil for over 6 years and also as an actress in theatrical plays.


In addition to professional performances in Brazil, Nandara worked with dance as therapy for healing and mental health. She is the creator of a project called BASS which is a program developed to provide assistance and therapy for mental and physical health through the art of dance for people of all ages.


Nandara is also passionate about sports including swimming and handball. She played handball for the Paulista Federation for 5 years, was champion for 3 years and represented the team as captain. She also worked with children’s swimming for 6 years.


Nandara moved to Australia to realise her dream of working and living as a full time artist. She is a qualified dance instructor, dynamic professional performing artist and an asset to the Rio Projekt ensemble.

Nandara Nerys
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