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Pedro Licio


Pedro, born and raised in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, developed a profound connection with music from an early age through Choro jam sessions alongside his father, a talented flute player. Choro, regarded as the genre that laid the foundation for samba and the Brazilian counterpart to Jazz, ignited Pedro's passion for music. His musical journey commenced at the renowned Brasilia Music School, where he began his formal studies. Eager to explore the vast realm of Brazilian popular music, Pedro sought guitar lessons from the legendary Alencar 7 cordas, delving deeper into its rich tapestry.

In 2016, Pedro relocated to Sydney, Australia, where he has since made significant contributions to various projects aimed at promoting Brazilian culture. He has performed in prestigious events in the NSW Parliament, Brazilian Embassy, Foundry 606 and Jazz festivals. Pedro brings his talent, passion for his culture and invaluable experience to the Rio Projekt band and show, The Carnaval Experience. 

Pedro Licio
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