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Raphael Hora de Almeida


Raphael is a highly accomplished musician, music director and producer who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. With music in his soul from a very young age, Raphael has been playing professionally since the age of 13 and attained his professional music licence in Brazil at 18 years old. 


A versatile and talented musician who plays a wide range of instruments, Raphael regularly performed with many of the most famous and respected music artists in Brazil including Zeca Pagodinho, Arlindo Cruz, Dudu Nobre, Alexandre Pires, Belo and Grupo Molejo.


Based in Sydney since 2006, Raphael brings his expertise and the highest level of integrity to all his work as a musician and director of Brazilian bands and events.  He has toured Brazilian artists in Australia, produced groundbreaking events and performed with the major Brazilian bands and shows in Australia including Samba Groove, Samba Australia, Samba Roots, Samba Brissy, Samba Mundo, Rhythm Brazil, Ganza Project, Eddie de Brazil, Faiscada band, Batida de Rua, Gustavo Vas, Telma Calado and Rio Projekt.


As a music director and producer, Raphael has a knack for bringing out the best in any artist, band or project he works with. Raphael’s dedication to artistic integrity, passion for his craft and expertise in Brazilian music makes him a sought after professional in the field.


Raphael is currently the music director and musician of the band, Metiê, band producer for Telma Calado and a principal musician and co-director of the Rio Projekt band. 


Raphael is an invaluable member of the Rio Projekt ensemble and stage show, The Carnaval Experience.

Raphael Hora de Almeida
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