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Sky Bailey


Introducing Sky Bailey, a dynamic dancer, choreographer, and instructor with a technical prowess and a passion for commercial dance. With a dedicated focus on Brazilian dance since 2011, Sky has become one of Australia's most prominent Samba dancers, recognised for her exceptional talent. As a leading Samba instructor at the prestigious Escola de Samba Sydney, she imparts her knowledge and expertise to aspiring dancers.

In addition to her exceptional dancing skills, Sky possesses a unique blend of artistic versatility, logistical finesse, and marketing expertise. Her invaluable contributions to Rio Projekt include digital content creation and marketing strategies that have propelled the brand forward.

Sky's journey as a dancer has taken her to the grand stages of Rio Carnaval, where she proudly represented three top Samba schools - Sao Clemente, Imperio Serrano, and Alegria Zona Sul as an official Passista. She has spent extensive time in Brazil, immersing herself in the rich dance culture, honing her craft, and training with the best in the industry. Sky brings a wealth of experience in Brazilian entertainment to Australia, having performed at major events such as The Australian Olympic Committee's Rio 2016 events, South Juniors auditorium, Brazilian Carnaval events, The Sydney Mardi Gras, CarnivArgyle, The Brazilian Festival, Darling Harbour Fiesta, Bondi Latin Festival, and FIFA World Cup events.

An active figure in the Latin dance scene, Sky has left her mark through captivating performances and intricate choreography at renowned events and competitions. Notably, her team achieved an impressive 2nd place at the Australian Bachata Championships. She has also showcased her talents as part of 'J Foxx Productions,' under the direction of Juliette Verne, known for her work as a choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Their collaboration resulted in a mesmerizing Russian Cabaret show that captivated audiences across Sydney. Sky's remarkable abilities have also graced the Australian Dance Festival 2009, where she performed in Veronica Beattie's piece 'What Is Jazz,' and collaborated with esteemed choreographers like Travers Ross and Tiana Canterbury.

With a solid foundation in dance training from the Australian Dance Performance Institute in Brisbane, specializing in musical theatre, and the Urban Dance Centre in Sydney, focusing on performing arts, Sky possesses an extensive dance conditioning and a diverse stylistic background. Her technical proficiency and versatility span across various genres, including jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, street Latin, Brazilian, and Afro.

Beyond the realm of dance, Sky's expertise extends into the realm of digital and email marketing, brand development, and social media consultancy. As the founder of her own consultancy business, she collaborates with a range of brands and clients, helping them build and enhance their digital profiles across multiple platforms. To learn more about Sky and her exceptional work, visit

Sky Bailey is not just a dancer; she is a force to be reckoned with—a creative powerhouse, a skilled instructor, and an influential figure in both the dance and marketing spheres.

Sky Bailey
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