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Victor Brito


Victor Brito was born and raised in the heart of afrocentric Salvador, Bahia. A multi-talented and versatile musician, Victor specialises in a range of percussion instruments playing various genres from Axe, Pagode and Samba to Sertanejo, Pop and Latin. He is also versed in string instruments such as the acoustic guitar and cavaquinho and sings harmonies and melodies with bands.


Growing up near the famous historical city centre, Pelourinho in Salvador and with a family of music lovers, Victor’s natural gift for music was evident from a very young age. At just 17 years old Victor was playing percussion professionally with some of Bahia’s most renowned bands and musicians including Dignow, Super Samba and Rapzolla. He frequently performed at large concerts for audiences of over 50,000 people as well as in Bahia Carnaval atop the famous trio-electricos to crowds of over 1.5 million people.


Since moving to Sydney in 2014, Victor is one of the most sought-after and respected Brazilian percussionists in Australia. He has performed with Brazilian superstars touring Australia including as Banda Jamil and Tatau ex Araketu as well as alongside the leading Brazilian artists in the country such as Banda Terremoto, Telma Calado, Samba Roots and many more. 


Victor regularly performs with Rio Projekt and Brazilian bands in Sydney and interstate and plays percussion alongside electronic music DJs.


A well-rounded individual with music as his first love, Victor studied percussion at the Bahia Federal University. He is also a qualified Engineer with a degree from Area 1 University in Salvador.

Victor Brito
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