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Rio Projekt was launched in 2018 with a clear purpose: To break the standard mould of Brazilian entertainment and raise the calibre of Brazilian shows in Australia and internationally. We wanted to bring progressive artistry to the forefront and create a Brazilian show ensemble that is fierce, edgy, fearless, inspiring and extravagant. Fusing the rawness and essence of street culture with the glamour and magnificence of Rio Carnaval, giving audiences a unique, immersive and exclusive experience.

Rio Projekt was created as a premium brand, a top shelf label and the fine dining Brazilian entertainment experience. We have applied this principle to every aspect of our shows from the elite calibre of our artists (Brazilian dancers, Brazilian drummers, musicians, acrobats and Capoeira performers) to our exclusive haute couture wardrobe inspired by the runways of Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and the Samba queens of the Rio Carnaval “Avenida”.

After years of extensive performance work in Brazil and Rio Carnaval and more than a decade producing Brazilian shows in Australia and performing Samba, Batucada, Capoeira, Brazilian Funk, Afro Brazilian and so much more, Rio Projekt was the natural progression for the artists in our diversely talented Brazilian dance and theatre company. Rio Projekt has provided a platform for our artists to push boundaries with artistic integrity and has set an international benchmark as the Brazilian show of a new era.


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