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Rio Projekt is renowned worldwide as a trailblazing Brazilian entertainment and performing arts company.

Rio Projekt is the only Brazilian show company with a cast of artists who travel to Brazil regularly to perform, train and perfect their artistry. The majority of performers are not only Brazilian by heritage, they are dedicated artists who live and breathe their craft. The ensemble also includes commercially trained dancers who spend significant time in Brazil and immerse themselves in the culture. The company’s strict selection process requires that all artists meet these criteria.

The multi talented ensemble includes Samba dancers, Brazilian percussionists, commercial dancers, multilingual vocalists, Brazilian musicians, acrobats, Capoeira performers and actors. The diverse range of talent in the company allows for unique and dynamic Brazilian show options.

Rio Projekt is directed by Australia’s most recognised Brazilian dance choreographer and Brazilian show director, Sashya Jay. She is an internationally acclaimed Choreographer and Performing Artist renowned for her groundbreaking work in the Brazilian performing arts and the Australian entertainment industry.


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